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Alumni Meet XIII

The thirteenth CXC4L Alumni Meet took place on Saturday, August 26, 2017. At an impromptu 2 mile course at Newark Memorial High School, the CXC4L men eked out a win, 26-29, with Joseph Grovers (CXC4L, c/o 2013, 11:59) leading the pack. The NMHS team won the women's race 21-50, with NMHS freshman Samantha Armas taking first place with a finishing time of 14:21.

Men - CXC4L 26, NMHS 29.
Women - NMHS 21, CXC4L 50.

 BIB #RunnerTeamTimeMileDivision Place
1984Joseph GroversCXC4L11:595:591st Men (1st CXC4L)
2965Raiden RomeroNMHS12:036:022nd Men (1st NMHS)
3977Adrian VegaNMHS12:256:133rd Men (2nd NMHS)
4987Tyler JorgensCXC4L12:336:174th Men (2nd CXC4L)
5986Scott JorgensCXC4L13:316:455th Men (3rd CXC4L)
6989Demetrio SeguraCXC4L13:446:526th Men (4th CXC4L)
7922Joseph AbadNMHS13:466:537th Men (3rd NMHS)
8959Kendrick NacnacNMHS13:516:558th Men (4th NMHS)
9936Peter FriedNMHS14:117:069th Men (5th NMHS)
10993Malaya WilsonCXC4L14:147:0710th Men (5th CXC4L)
11995David WoodCXC4L14:157:0711th Men (6th CXC4L)
12927Samantha ArmasNMHS14:217:101st Women (1st NMHS)
13964Moises RodriguezNMHS14:237:1112th Men (6th NMHS)
14998Anelli BaronCXC4L14:257:132nd Women (1st CXC4L)
15980Jason BiserCXC4L14:437:2113th Men (7th CXC4L)
16955Evan MedelNMHS14:487:2414th Men (7th NMHS)
17983Nicholas ChandlerCXC4L14:537:2615th Men (8th CXC4L)
18956Esther MendozaNMHS14:557:273rd Women (2nd NMHS)
19937Osvaldo GranadosNMHS15:237:4116th Men (8th NMHS)
20933Jorge CoriaNMHS15:287:4417th Men (9th NMHS)
21968Natalie SeguraNMHS15:407:504th Women (3rd NMHS)
22967Natalia SanchezNMHS15:547:575th Women (4th NMHS)
23923Christian AbadNMHS15:597:5918th Men (10th NMHS)
24994Ben IremongerCXC4L16:038:0119th Men (9th CXC4L)
25988Filip NowakCXC4L16:198:0920th Men (10th CXC4L)
26979Dañella AviñaCXC4L16:208:106th Women (2nd CXC4L)
27981Katie BlalockCXC4L16:388:197th Women (3rd CXC4L)
28969Victoria SerranoNMHS16:428:218th Women (5th NMHS)
29970Kaeleigh TaylorNMHS16:458:229th Women (6th NMHS)
30985Karl IremongerCXC4L16:588:2921st Men (11th CXC4L)
31929Timothy BasaNMHS16:588:2922nd Men (11th NMHS)
32982Christopher ChandlerCXC4L17:578:5823rd Men (12th CXC4L)
33971Jennifer TofftNMHS17:599:0010th Women (7th NMHS)
34957Gabriella MendozaNMHS18:249:1211th Women (8th NMHS)
35974Vinh TranNMHS18:539:2724th Men (12th NMHS)
36996Alex BonillaCXC4L19:089:3425th Men (13th CXC4L)
37997Ally IrwinNMHS19:229:4112th Women (9th NMHS)
38951Ethan LesserNMHS19:379:4826th Men (13th NMHS)
39990Brandon TorresCXC4L20:0210:0127th Men (14th CXC4L)

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