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Alumni Meet XII

The twelfth CXC4L Alumni Meet took place on Saturday, August 20, 2016. The CXC4L men ended a four year drought by defeating the NMHS team 23-33, with Ian Hutchinson (CXC4L, c/o 2016, 10:26), Jordan Kirby (CXC4L, c/o 2016, 12:15), and Noah Falck (CXC4L, c/o 2012, 12:24) sweeping the top three. Ian Hutchinson, for his part, won his third consecutive Alumni Meet and broke the meet record for the third consecutive year! The NMHS women narrowly defeated the CXC4L team 27-30, with alumna Vanessa Rodriguez (c/o 2008) winning her second Alumni Meet and setting a new meet record of 13:52, breaking the old record by 9 seconds! Alexis da Silva (NHMS, c/o 2017, 15:24) and Anelli Baron (CXC4L, c/o 2013, 15:57) rounded out the top three.

Men - CXC4L 23, NMHS 33.
Women - NMHS 27, CXC4L 30.

 BIB #RunnerTeamTimeMileDivision Place
1261Ian HutchinsonCXC4L10:264:581st Men (1st CXC4L)
2263Jordan KirbyCXC4L12:155:502nd Men (2nd CXC4L)
3273Noah FalckCXC4L12:245:543rd Men (3rd CXC4L)
4334Jahir de la CruzNMHS12:386:014th Men (1st NMHS)
5288Anthony JuarezNMHS12:546:095th Men (2nd NMHS)
6280Tyler JorgensCXC4L13:046:136th Men (4th CXC4L)
7344Malaya WilsonNMHS13:156:187th Men (3rd NMHS)
8295Eric LambruschiniNMHS13:216:228th Men (4th NMHS)
9294Demetrio SeguraNMHS13:426:329th Men (5th NMHS)
10281Vanessa RodriguezCXC4L13:526:361st Women (1st CXC4L)
11352Scott PhanNMHS14:056:4210th Men (6th NMHS)
12257Devin LopezCXC4L14:366:5711th Men (5th CXC4L)
13260Henry NguyenCXC4L14:396:5912th Men (6th CXC4L)
14268Mason LuperineCXC4L14:467:0213th Men (7th CXC4L)
15335James BasaNMHS14:517:0414th Men (7th NMHS)
16274Russell MendoncaCXC4L15:057:1115th Men (8th CXC4L)
17272Nicholas ChandlerCXC4L15:117:1416th Men (9th CXC4L)
18271Nathan HellmanCXC4L15:127:1417th Men (10th CXC4L)
19292Chase AdamsNMHS15:137:1518th Men (8th NMHS)
20285Alexis da SilvaNMHS15:247:202nd Women (1st NMHS)
21291Cesar CastilloNMHS15:427:2919th Men (9th NMHS)
22276Scott JorgensCXC4L15:527:3320th Men (11th CXC4L)
23283Alex OceguedaNMHS15:557:3521st Men (10th NMHS)
24251Anelli BaronCXC4L15:577:363rd Women (2nd CXC4L)
25262Jason BiserCXC4L15:577:3622nd Men (12th CXC4L)
26252Blake SouzaCXC4L16:117:4223rd Men (13th CXC4L)
27341Joseph AbadNMHS16:257:4924th Men (11th NMHS)
28299Hector CardenasNMHS16:257:4925th Men (12th NMHS)
29350Peter FreidNMHS16:367:5426th Men (13th NMHS)
30346Monserrat RoaNMHS16:437:584th Women (2nd NMHS)
31338Johana SeguraNMHS16:558:045th Women (3rd NMHS)
32339John SpringsteenNMHS17:058:0827th Men (14th NMHS)
33293Cristian Garcia LopezNMHS17:078:0928th Men (15th NMHS)
34259Filip NowakCXC4L17:318:2029th Men (14th CXC4L)
35279Tanzeela KhanCXC4L17:398:246th Women (3rd CXC4L)
36297Eva ObandoNMHS17:438:267th Women (4th NMHS)
37253Brandon TorresCXC4L17:478:2830th Men (15th CXC4L)
38256Daniela Olivia AvinaCXC4L17:508:308th Women (4th CXC4L)
39264Karl IremongerCXC4L17:588:3431st Men (16th CXC4L)
40348Natalie SeguraNMHS17:598:349th Women (5th NMHS)
41340Jorge CoriaNMHS18:058:3732nd Men (16th NMHS)
42284Alexa RivasNMHS18:198:4310th Women (6th NMHS)
43347Natalia SanchezNMHS18:208:4411th Women (7th NMHS)
44266Maria CaudilloCXC4L18:208:4412th Women (5th CXC4L)
45254Brian MendoncaCXC4L18:268:4733rd Men (17th CXC4L)
46255Christopher ChandlerCXC4L19:019:0334th Men (18th CXC4L)
47278Stephanie RoaCXC4L19:269:1513th Women (6th CXC4L)
48277Alex LiawCXC4L19:349:1935th Men (19th CXC4L)
49345Mikayla LinisNMHS19:349:1914th Women (8th NMHS)
50337Jennifer AvilaNMHS20:109:3615th Women (9th NMHS)
51258Fernando FuentesCXC4L20:239:4336th Men (20th CXC4L)

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