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Meet Records

Below are the Newark Mile meet records as of the 2015 race. Note: records only involve races completed along the 2.5 mile parade course; alternate venues or distances (e.g. 2010 1.25 mile Lake course) are excluded.


MenMichael Tapia11:511994
WomenTara Carreira14:572000

Men's Records, by Age Group

Age GroupNameTimeYear
M 0-14Tom Hu14:592007
M 15-25 (tie)Bobby Rivera12:511987
M 15-25 (tie)Joseph Grovers12:512015
M 26-35Michael Tapia11:511994
M 36-45Robert Pickens12:491998
M 46-55Harvey Franklin13:541991
M 56+Ron Kiyono14:462004

Women's Records, by Age Group

Age GroupNameTimeYear
F 0-14Youske Okzuna16:071989
F 15-25Janet Ekstrom15:291999
F 26-35Tara Carreira14:572000
F 36-45Candy Alcosiba15:542004
F 46-55Candy Alcosiba17:572015
F 56+Carol Kemnitz20:502004

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